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January 6-7, 2024

"Modern Day Idols"
Pastor Josiah Nordgren
january 6-7, 2024

1. What "modern day idols" did you lay before the Lord this past weekend?
2. What changes do you need to make today to make sure the idols you laid down aren't set back up on the throne of your heart?
3. What do you want most for your relationship with God this year?
4. What do you want most for your relationships with others this year?
5. Pray for one another.

January 13-14, 2024

"15 minute transforamtion"
Pastor Josiah Nordgren
january 13-14, 2024

1. Read Psalm 95, what sticks out to you from this chapter or from the message?
2. Why do you think worshiping together is so important? 
3. How have you seen worship transform your life?
4. How can you keep worship "top of mind" this week?
5. Pray for one another.

January 20-21, 2024

"worshipping daily"
Pastor Alec shimizu
january 20-21, 2024

1. What are some things that occupy the throne of your heart other than God?
2. When was the last time you had quality time with God? How did spending that time affect you? How might you make more time to worship God throughout the week?
3. Do you tend to worship God through your thoughts (intellect), feelings (heart), or actions (resources)? Why do you think that is?
4. What are some practical ways you can show your love for others by serving them?

January 27-28, 2024

"Birthday Bash - 21 Years"
Pastor josiah nordgren
january 27-28, 2024

1. When did you start going to this church and what made you stay?
2. What stuck out to you from the Scripture or the message?
3. What are some areas of your life where purpose exists,
  but maybe you’ve been missing it?
4. What do you want to see God do in your life and the life of the church
this year?
5. Pray for one another.

February 3-4, 2024

"fixing your grattitude"
Pastor josiah nordgren
february 3-4, 2024

1. Gratitude gives birth to more gratitude. Let's share, what are 2-3 things you are thankful for today?
2. What stuck out to you most from the sermon or the Scripture?
3. How can you practice "grateful worship" this week? (for example: devote the first 5 minutes of my drive time to thanking God, keeping a journal of what you're thankful for, setting aside time before bed to thank the Lord). We are going to share how it went next week.
4. (if you have time) We should be a people who are to be known for our gentleness. What do you feel Christians are known for, good or bad? What would you like our church to be known for?
5. Pray for one another

February 10-11, 2024

"the toughest god to slay"
Pastor josiah nordgren
february 10-11, 2024

1. Check-in from last week: how did practicing grateful worship go? What are some wins or even some failures from this past week?
2. What stuck out to you from the sermon or from the Scriptures?
3. What is one way that you serve others in your daily life that you may not realize is worship unto God? (Going to work, running errands, dropping kids at school, etc.)
4. "Stewarding God's grace in various forms" was compared to serving in many different ways here in church. If you serve in church, how have you seen it change you? If you don't serve in church, what has held you back?
5. If you could serve anywhere in this church where would it be?
6. Pray that we will be more aware of His presence this week as we serve.


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