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Note: To accommodate larger screens, TV's and streaming devices, our base resolution is now 1080HD. Not all devices and connections will stream HD smoothly.  Learn how to adjust stream quality below.

See below for support tips.

There's no audio.

Many things can contribute to no audio. 

  1. Some browsers force the video to be muted at first, to un-mute look for an un-mute button or audio control in the stream window. Sometimes the controls can only be seen when the video is playing full-screen on your phone/tablet.
  2. If you have external speakers or headphones plugged-in, audio may be going to them. Check their volume or unplug them.
  3. Check the device's  analog audio controls, it may be muted or silenced.


  1. Streaming quality to high. Look for the "gear" icon in the Stream window and pick a lower resolution.
  2. If you are on 4G/5G the reception in your area may be too low or intermittent.
  3. If you are at home try switching to WiFi or for computers, try a  WiFi or ethernet connection for better results.
  4. Restart your browser and router or modem.

how do I "cast" the stream to my tv?

If you have successfully casted the Livestream from our Android church app to TV (or SmartTV) and would like to contribute to this support page, feel free to email the connection steps to:    

  1. If you have an AppleTV,  you can use the Airplay feature to mirror the Livestream playing on the church app or Mac's browser to your TV. If you need instructions check out this handy Apple support article:  How-To: Airplay Mirroring.
  2. We are in the process of testing Android-based casting to Chromecast and some SmartTVs. Unfortunately we do not have specific instructions prepared at this time.

Watch on vimeo app - apple tv, roku TV, fire tv, smart tv, etc.

If you have Streaming box or Smart TV with an app store, you can access our messages by viewing them on the Vimeo app. Download the app and search for:  newhopeleeward  (no spaces, no capitals).